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Other firms may advertise that they are soliciting cases involving kidney damage due to use of Fleet Phosopho-Soda, but our firm is one which can state that it handled such a case successfully. In the case we handled, our client had used the Phosphosoda pursuant to doctor’s orders to cleanse the bowel preparatory to colonoscopy. Within about 15 days of use she developed kidney shutdown, which led to the need for dialysis and eventual kidney transplant.

Our suit was against C.B. Fleet Co., Inc., manufacturer of the Phospho-Soda. It was based upon the failure to warn users and the doctors who prescribe it that there is a serious risk of the product causing permanent kidney damage. This occurs through the raising of the phosphate level, dehydration and decreased blood volume.

In May 2005, the Food and Drug Administration issued a paper on the use of oral sodium phosphate bowel cleansing products causing acute phosphate nephropathy which led to renal failure. The products involved were Fleet Phospho-Soda; Fleet ACCU-PREP and Visicol. The FDA cautioned about increased risks in persons who had impaired kidney function, kidney disease or who were dehydrated. It also warned of increased risk in patients taking drugs like ACE inhibitors or ARBs.

In 2005, a group of physicians at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York reported on a number of patients of severe kidney damage who had used these oral phosphate products. The client whom we represented successfully was one of the patients studied by this group. The doctors in the group have cooperated with us in determining if this client, and other newer ones, suffered their kidney damage due to use of Fleet Phospho-Soda.

Way back in 2003, another physician reported in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine a case of a woman whose kidneys were damaged by nephrocalcinosis after use of Fleet Phosopho-soda. However, there was a very long lag time between the appearance of reports of kidney damage and the issuance of any warnings by Fleet, either to physicians or the public.

More light on the problem of kidney damage following use of oral Phospho-Soda containing products was shed by a 2004 report by Gumurdulu and others in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. They found that the risk of damage from these OPS products increased with the age of the user.

We welcome contacts from anyone who has had adverse experiences after use of Fleet Phospho-soda or other phosphate containing products.

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